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Friday, June 18, 2021

Google My Business Call History Feature

Google was testing Call History feature in Google My Business from October 2020. Google is bringing this feature to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search and Google Maps. Though Google doesn't make the feature available for all businesses. As per Google My Business help doc, call history is currently an experimental feature and only available for a select group of businesses in the US only.

Google My Business Call History

According to Google's help doc -
When a customer uses the "Call" button on any Business Profile, their calls show up in the "Calls" tab in Google My Business. From this tab we can find recent calls, missed calls, and more. Once the call history is on, customers connect to you through a Google forwarding number instead of through the phone number listed on the Google My Business profile. At the start of a call, you'll get an automated message that says, "Call from Google."

Recently Google has begun to show actual caller data, including the caller ID information such as the name and phone number, along with the date of the call. The Call History feature also shows three buttons, Call, Copy, and History. We can call back the customers using Call button, copy the phone number using Copy button, and see the history of any caller - how many times a customer called a business using History button.

Google My Business Sample Call History
Image Source: Search Engine Land

Google is continuously supporting business owners to stay touched with their customers. Bringing Call History feature is a part of Google's mission to support business owners as well as giving the best possible experiences to web users. During the COVID (Corona Virus) situation, the call history feature will add extra advantages to the business owners. Last year Google also brought another feature Update Service Availability in Google My Business to let customers know if any business provides online services through its GMB profile.

Small businesses will be more beneficial from the Google My Business Call History feature, because most of the small businesses don't have a dedicated customer support or call receiver team. Responding to missed call could help small business to improve customer service and generate more sales. To turn on Call History, follow the steps below -

How to Turn on GMB Call History


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