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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Connect WooCommerce Store with Google Merchant Center Easily

WooCommerce in collaboration with Google has launched a free extension to easily integrate WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Center in just a few clicks. The WooCommerce extension "Google Listings & Ads" allows all of WooCommerce's 4.4 million merchants to easily upload their product inventory to Google for free. The integration makes it easier for retailers to get discovered their products across Google surfaces such as Google Search, Shopping, Images, and YouTube. With over 1 billion shopping sessions happening per day across Google, the integration will also give online shoppers more choice to make their shopping decisions.

Connect WooCommerce Store with Google Shopping

With WooCommerce Google Listings & Ads extension, merchants can upload their products to Google, create free listings & shopping ad campaigns, review performance metrics, and more without leaving their WooCommerce dashboard. The main three objectives of the WooCommerce Google Listings & Ads extension are below –

  • Connect WooCommerce store seamlessly with Google Merchant Center.
  • Reach online shoppers with free listings.
  • Boost store traffic and sales with Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Connect Store Seamlessly with Google Merchant Center

The extension connect WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Center to upload relevant store and product data to Google. Whether new products are added or old products are removed, the products will sync automatically to make the information available for Google free listings, Google Ads, and other Google properties.

Reach Online Shoppers with Free Listings

Google Merchant Center allows retailers to list their products for free to show across different Google networks, like the Shopping tab, Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, and more. Retailers can also run paid shopping ads to increase the visibility of their products to the billions of online shoppers. Retailers can run paid shopping ad campaigns together with free listings, though free listings opt in automatically when retailers integrate their stores or product feed with Google Merchant Center.

Google Free Listings and Shopping Ads

According to Google, US retailers have seen an average of over 50% increase in clicks and over 100% increase in impressions in the shopping tab when they run paid shopping ads together with free product listings. By opting in the Google free product listings, WooCommerce retailers can reach to the online shoppers by connecting their product inventory easily with Google Merchant Center.

Google Shopping Free Listings Stats

Boost Traffic and Visibility with Smart Shopping Campaigns

With Google Smart Shopping campaigns, retailers can reach to the billions of online shoppers and grow their business. By combining Google's machine learning with automated bidding and ad placements, Smart Shopping campaign promotes our products and business across Google surfaces, simplify campaign management, and maximize conversion value. Google's powerful systems test different combinations of the image and text assets from our ad accounts and show the most relevant ads across different networks, including the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

With Google Ads & Listings extension, retailers can easily connect their Google Ads account and launch Smart Shopping Campaign straight from their WooCommerce dashboard. They can also review campaign analytics and access automated reports to easily measure the performance of each campaign.

Google Shopping Paid Ads Stats

Google is continuously supporting business owners and retailers to promote their businesses, products, or services to the web audiences. As part of this mission, Google in collaboration with WooCommerce has brought the Google Ads & Listings extension facilitating around 4.4 million WooCommerce merchants to integrate their stores with Google Merchant Center and promote their products across Google surfaces.


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