Saturday, June 19, 2021

Edit your Google My Business Info Directly from Google Search or Maps

Google is continuously trying to give the best possible positive experiences to its users. As part of this mission, Google is frequently supporting business owners to stay up to date with their customers via the Google My Business profile. Going ahead with its mission, Google has brought several new features such as Update Service Availability in Google My Business during the COVID (Corona Virus) situation to let customers know if any business provides online services through its GMB profile, enabling Call History feature in Google My Business to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search and Google Maps.

Edit Google My Business Info from Google Search

Recently Google has brought another feature enabling business owners to edit their Google My Business information directly from Google Search or Google Maps. If anyone owns or has manager permissions of a business, they can easily update business information, adjust business hours, add a menu, add photos, connect with customers by responding to reviews and questions, mark a business as temporarily closed etc. But they can't manage a business marked permanently closed on Google Search or Maps. Also they have to login to Google My Business account to mark the business open.

Basement Sports Google My Business Profile

If you search with Basement Sports or Basement Sports New Jersey at Google, you may see the business profile as like in the image above. The image highlights the Google My Business profile of Basement Sports, a New Jersey based startup which has brought the concept of the world's first mixed reality sports eGaming experience. If you click on "Edit your business information" highlighted with yellow, you'll see the "Suggest an edit" popup window as like in the image below. Please remember, you need to be an owner or have manger permissions of a business which you want to edit or make necessary adjustments.

Google My Business Suggest an Edit Feature

If you click on the "Change name or other details" option, you'll see another popup window as like in the image below. Here you can edit your business info such as name, location, hours, contact details etc. You can also add images to your Google My Business profile. In the image below, I've used the Google My Business profile of Timebug. Timebug is technology based, data-driven, interactive solutions to the time management and personal goal setting problems that we all face in the modern world.

Edit Timebug Google My Business Info

If you click on the "Close or remove" option, you can mark your business as temporarily closed, moved to a new location, or other attributes. But you can't manage a business marked permanently closed from Google Search or Google Maps.

Mark Timebug Business as Open or Close

We can't see how the business profile is showing up in Google search or maps to the web users from Google My Business account dashboard. Now this new feature adds extra advantages to the business owners or managers, because they can see how the business info is showing up in Google search or maps and make necessary adjustments without going to the Google My Business account.


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