Saturday, October 3, 2020

Firebase Virtual Summit 2020! Happening 27-28 October

Team Firebase is working hard to build tools to help the app development process, gain actionable insights on user engagement & other high value actions and scale with ease. They are organizing a two day event to share those updates with the app development community at this year's virtual Firebase Summit, happening 27-28 October at 9:30AM PST each day. Sign up today here and tune in from wherever you’d like.

Firebase Virtual Summit 2020

Stay Tuned with Latest Updates on Firebase Products and Services

Join the summit on 27 October at 9:30 am PST for the opening keynote to learn how Firebase can help to build and operate apps. There is a session to ask questions and have them answered live by the Firebase team during #AskFirebase.

There will be 11 technical sessions on topics like monitoring the latest app release, driving high vale actions, increasing user engagement, optimize user experiences, increasing in-app purchases, optimizing app revenue, Firebase integrations with other services, and more. These sessions will be live streamed over the two days so you can watch and chat with other developers and the Firebase team, or you can watch them on-demand at your convenience.

Firebase Summit 2020 Two Days Event

Sign up for the Firebase Virtual Summit 2020 today to learn how Firebase can help to speed up and simplify the app development process, gain actionable insights from the app data, optimize the app for the best possible app user experiences, increasing user engagement, optimizing app revenue, and more. 


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