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Monday, September 14, 2020

Firebase Integrations to Get the Most of Firebase!

Firebase is a comprehensive mobile and web applications development platform to help us build, improve, and grow mobile apps. It is built on Google's infrastructure with a variety of tools and services. Firebase gives us many functionality like analytics, databases, messaging, third party integrations, crash reporting, and more, so we can move quickly to grow our user base, deliver richer app experiences, earn money, and/or fulfill the business needs without managing the infrastructure.

Firebase Analytics Integrations

Firebase provides excellent integration facilities with other services to make the most of Firebase to deliver better app experiences, grow the user base, earn money, and/or fulfill the business needs. We can integrate Firebase with other Google services and third party platforms such as Google Analytics, AdMob, Google Ads, BigQuery, Display & Video 360, Google Play, Slack and more.

Firebase Integrations with Other Services

Link Google Analytics to Firebase

To measure & analyze app data in Google Analytics, we have to create a project in Firebase and establish a link between the App + Web property in Analytics and the corresponding Firebase project. When a link is established between Firebase and Google Analytics, Firebase users who have access to the Google Analytics account gain access to a new set of App + Web reporting features such as user acquisition reports, user retention reports, user engagement reports, and more. 

The established link will enable data flow between the products. The Firebase data imported into Google Analytics is subject to the Google Analytics terms of service and the data exported from Google Analytics property into Firebase is subject to the Firebase terms of service.

Link Google Ads to Firebase

When we link Google Ads accounts to a Firebase project, we can export Firebase Events and Firebase Audiences to Google Ads. When a link is established to one or more Google Ads accounts with a Firebase project, events or conversions data from Firebase will automatically be exported into those Google Ads accounts. We can then track and analyze app installations, app updates, and other in app actions from App campaigns and refine the campaigns for the best outcomes. App campaign helps us advertise our mobile app across Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network - all from one campaign.

If we link Firebase project to a Google Ads manager account, all of the Google ads client accounts can access the data that we import from Firebase.

Link Google Play to Firebase

When we link Google Play to Firebase, we'll see in_app_purchase and subscription events data for our Android app. We can see the revenue data and other features of Google play in the Firebase. We can analyze Android app performance and the revenue from various marketing campaigns. Firebase data such as Google Analytics for Firebase audiences and other features will be available in the Google Play Developer Console after connecting the Google Play to Firebase.

Link AdMob to Firebase

The Firebase project must be linked to the Google Analytics or Google Analytics for Firebase account to send the analytics data in AdMob. By linking AdMob to Firebase, we can enhance product features and improve app monetization in AdMob using the Google Analytics or Google Analytics for Firebase data. AdMob has excellent features to implement first-class monetization strategies and to maximize the revenue generated by each user. Connect AdMob to Firebase project to improve app monetization in AdMob and earn more money by displaying engaging ads to the audience.

Link BigQuery to Firebase

When we link the Firebase project to BigQuery, we can choose to export Google Analytics for Firebase (including some A/B Testing and Dynamic Links data), Crashlytics, Predictions, Cloud Messaging and/or Performance Monitoring data to corresponding BigQuery datasets on a daily basis. By exporting data to BigQuery, we can perform custom analysis in BigQuery by making query, export, or join the datasets with data from external sources.

Link Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager to Firebase

If we would like to track in-app events measured in Firebase as conversions such as First Open, App Update, In App Purchase, and more by using Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager, we have to link Firebase project with the Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager Accounts. We can use Firebase events or conversions to the attribution and/or bid optimization in Google Marketing Platform.

Some campaign-specific information is returned back to Firebase for use in Analytics reporting, when we establish a link and the conversions attributed to Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager. Connect the right people in the right moments to make digital advertising work better using Google Marketing Platform and connect the Firebase project with the Google Marketing Platform to analyze user engagement data for the best outcomes.

Link Cloud Logging to Firebase

We can view, search, and filter logs from the Firebase project, when we link Firebase project to Cloud Logging. After establishing the link, web request logs from the Firebase Hosting sites to Cloud Logging will be exported.

Link Slack to Firebase

If we want to send important alerts of Firebase to the Slack channels, we have to connect the Firebase project to the respective Slack channels. Slack is a nice platform that connects teams with the apps, services, and resources they need to get work done.


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