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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ebizzsol Trip Buddy Team with Slogan - Branding Bangladesh in Tourism

Ebizzsol Trip Buddy Team with a Slogan Branding Bangladesh in Tourism

Bangladesh is a small country with abundance of life and color. It’s the land of green country side, serpentine rivers, picturesque hills and long sandy beaches. No other country has so much unique natural phenomenon than Bangladesh. Such as - World’s longest unbroken sandy sea beach Cox’s Bazar, world’s biggest mangrove forest the Sundarbans which is the only habitat for the Royal Bengal Tigers, world’s largest tea garden, Asia’s two of the longest and most important rivers the Ganges and the Brahmaputra flows down to the middle of the country and merges together finally falls into the Bay of Bengal.

A country of such pride, glory, heritage and natural beauty should be a dream destination for tourists around the world! Unfortunately, Bangladesh is still not a dream destination. Though there exists some websites in this sector but none of those is up to the mark of a complete categorized information base.

TripBD, a product of eBizzsol.com comes with the motto “Branding Bangladesh in Tourism” to solve these problems and to present Bangladesh as an eye catching travel destination in a well sorted way.

A Short Brief about TripBD

www.tripBD.com is a community based information portal for Bangladesh travel, hotels and destinations. It contains all the information of destinations’ description & history, transportation, to do and to see, places to stay and others available facilities about all the places of Bangladesh where every tourist should go. It also gives the pricing of all the travel related facilities of every destination around Bangladesh. The pricing is cataloged bearing in mind of every economic class tourists, so that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh within their budget.

TripBD comes with a motto of Branding Bangladesh in Tourism

It may be impossible for a single effort to fill up the deficiency of the decade long negligence on the field of travel and tourism but TripBD takes a giant step forward to do that. It has included a social flavor to it to interact with people for enhancing its journey.


  1. Nice post. If we keep posting such type of article regularly to the web it’s not so far that we can earn a glance of most tourist of the world to Bangladesh. And Bangladesh can avail her niche to the tourists’ and to the globetrotters’. And thanks to the tripbd guys. I also want Bangladesh as a global brand.

  2. thanks everyone of this group , i m staying outside and studing the tourism and hotel management. like the other countries we are having fantastic destinations. but the problem is our mentality.
    we always try to fight or cheat or steal things from the visitors. thats the only problem,
    i will write something more if i get time.
    but wishing u all for this good work, keep going , good luck

  3. Giant step in branding bangladesh in tourism. Go ahead. Everyone should participate in this journey...

  4. Dear Nazmus Sakib,

    Thank you for commenting. I think you are absolutely right. Everyone should participate to brand Bangladesh in global world as Bangladesh is a beauty of nature.

    Dear Anonymous Guest,

    There are some bad guys in all sorts of locations and situations. If you fall in such type of bad situation then that was really rough, but you should not judge that situation in this way.

    By the way, hope related concerns should avoid themselves from this type of rough working.

    You are most welcome to write as a guest writer. Just send your feeling to me and I will publish as guest writing.

  5. hey guys! you are looking very smart wearing the nice T-shirt. I think this is one of the perfect way for branding bangladesh in tourism.

    are you taking any kinds of seminar, rally to encourages bangladeshi people to make a habit with internet usages. is the t-shirt available in the general market. I would like to have one. where is it available?

    I am also interested to take a part on promoting bangladesh in tourism. is there opportunity to involve with tripbd?

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