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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Effective Title Tag for Higher SEO Rank and Attracting Visitors

Title Tag of a web page comes into view at the top in a user's browser window and help drive click-through-rates (CTR) from the search engine's organic listing pages. It is one of most important On Page SEO factors and significant SEO signals for Google and other search engines. Targeting products, services or page copy specific keywords in the title tag can drive more organic traffic to any website. A well optimized title tag also promotes a web page to the higher rank position of organic search listing pages (SERPs).

Title Tag for SEO Ranking and Attracting Visitors

In document analysis, search engines look at whether the search terms are found in important areas of the document - the title, the Meta data, the heading tags and other On Site SEO elements. For keyword placement, title tag is the most significant element for search engine relevance and the most invaluable terms for rankings in the search engine results pages.

In any effective SEO strategy, the title tag should be optimized properly as it is one the most prominent factors in On Page SEO Optimization process. Below are some simple title tag optimization tips for the best SEO outcomes and drive organic traffic to any website.
  • Brand your traffic - Use the title of your business or brand at the beginning or end of every title tag to help searchers know where they're going and to increase return visits. Naturally consumers are willing to pay more for a "brand name" product than an off-brand item of the same type - apply this logic to the SERPs and you'll find that users will go further down the rankings to click on a "trusted" brand.
  • Limit length of characters (including spaces) - If possible limit the length of the title tag to avoid cut off the last word and have it replaced with a "..." Note that each search engine supports separate length of title tag to show in SERPs.
  • Include keyword phrases - This one may seem obvious, but it's critical to prominently include in your title tag whatever your keyword research shows as being the most valuable for capturing searches. It doesn't have to be the first words, but it should be the semantic and logical center of attention. Do a comprehensive keyword research to discover the search terms related to your products, services, company and/or website.
  • Target longer phrases if they're relevant - Choosing what keywords to include in a title tag, it will be benefited to use as many as are completely relevant to the page at hand, while remaining accurate and descriptive. Thus, it can be much more valuable to have a title tag for Bangladesh SEO company like "BD-SEO | Effective SEO Services in Bangladesh with Affordable Price" rather than simply " BD-SEO | SEO Services Bangladesh" - including those additional terms that are both relevant to the page and receive significant search traffic can bolster your page's value.
  • Use a divider - When splitting up the brand from the descriptive, majority like to use the "|" symbol (aka the pipe bar). Others choose the arrow ">" or hyphen "-", and both work well.
  • Target searcher intent - When writing titles for web pages, keep in mind the search terms your audience employed to reach your site. If the intent is browsing or research-based, a more descriptive title tag is appropriate. If you're reasonably sure the intent is a purchase, download, or other action, make it clear in the title tag accordingly.
If the title tag is not effective, unfriendly or poorly written, a website may not receive more organic traffic. Keeping it relevant, compelling and accurate are key to rank well in the search engine's organic listing pages. So write a dazzling title tag for drawing interest to the visitors and also for successful SEO rankings.


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