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Monday, December 27, 2010

Keyword Research and Targeting Strategy

Keyword research is the first step of optimizing a website with targeted keywords, running PPC campaigns to the right audience by targeting right keywords, Social SEO integrations, or employing any effective online marketing solutions. The initial step in the keyword research and targeting strategy is to uncover popular terms & phrases that internet searchers regularly use to find the content, products, or services that a website or business offers. Keyword research is a complex but a very important process of choosing and implementing niche related terms that comply with the criteria to ensure the highest relevance, low or reasonably high competition level and high conversion rates.

Keyword Research Strategy for SEO and PPC

By targeting the right keywords in the prominent positions of a webpage such as page title, Meta description, header tags, and other On Page SEO elements, website owners not only improve better user experiences for their websites but also help the search engines to make the ranking process accurately. Search engines return a list of relevant results according to user's query in the organic search listing pages, order them by measure of importance to ensure that the searchers find what they are seeking. Search engines also show related searches suggestions based on the people's interests on other search terms. Below is the "keyword research strategy" related searches suggestions from Google -

Related Terms for Keyword Research Strategy

Below is a simple step-by-step guide for the keyword research and targeting strategy for any business or website –

  • Create an initial list of keywords relevant to your industry and what your website or business offers
  • Get a daily or monthly count or avg. search volume, competition, and other important KPIs for the keywords in your list by using the various keyword research and estimation tools. There are many free and paid keyword research and suggestions tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Wordtracker free keywords suggestions, Bing Keyword Research tool, BrightEdge Data Cube, SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool etc.
Keyword Research Tools
  • Expand your list of keywords and phrases by adding new terms, synonyms that the various keyword research tools suggest. From the keyword suggestion tools, you will get hundreds of keywords instantly that are popular and related to your target audience. See the related searches suggestions from Google and Bing. Below is the related searches suggestions from Google for the search term "keyword research tools".
Google related searches suggestions
  • Evaluate selected keyword competition and difficulty using keyword difficulty estimation tools. The best strategy of choosing the right keywords for any SEO strategy or online marketing campaigns is to select the keywords that are not extremely competitive but are still very profitable. Also try to discover less competitive keywords that still don't be targeted by your competitors.
  • Target the selected keywords in the prominent places of a webpage for the best SEO outcomes. For maximum exposure, include niche or page specific keywords in the webpage title tag, Meta description, first and last paragraph of page copy and in some other parts of the page content such as header tag, sub-header etc. Target keywords naturally, don't make as keyword stuffing.


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