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Monday, July 13, 2009

Branding Bangladesh in Tourism TripBD Comes Live

TripBD is the first interactive portal for a broad range of hotels and tourist destinations in Bangladesh starts its official journey at 7th July 2009. Travelers from across the world will now be able to search for a hotel, write their travel experience and share it among the local and foreign visitors through the community. In the long run this unique portal will create a platform for all the hotels and tourist destinations in Bangladesh

What is it?, a product of Electronic Business Solution Limited (eBizzSol) is a new hotel and tourism portal for users around the world. It is the country’s first interactive portal to allow search, share, suggest and other interactive facilities for all hotels to provide highest level of accessibility to more than 10,000,000 local and foreign interested users who continuously look for authenticated accommodation information. About three hundred (300) hotels, motels, resorts were visited and about eight thousand (8,000) photos were collected to provide a complete range of information for the tourists.

Vision & Mission

The vision of TripBD is to create a unique platform for tourism industry in Bangladesh by introducing knowledge base to disseminate information, promote tourist destinations and thus contribute to the GDP of country. This initiative and effort would definitely impose a positive Brand Image for Bangladesh. The portal is primarily launched with initial concentration on hotel information and travel tips of prominent tourist destinations, its mission is to gradually emerge as the largest tourism portal of Bangladesh incorporating all the stakeholders of this sector.

Services & Features
  • The portal will work as a common platform, integrating all the hotel information in one place.
  • Users can choose or search for a hotel according to their need or budget. In order to provide authenticated information, eBizzSol sent their own representative to collect all these information rather than waiting for the hotels to be listed with them.
  • Travelers can write about their hospitality experience with the hotels, and can share their liking or disliking about a hotel based on which one can suggest his/her friends.
  • A tourist can also write about their travel experiences as featured articles, upload corresponding photos and videos of the trip.
  • Apart from prominent tourist destinations like Cox’s Bazaar, Saint Martin Islands, the site will suggest and promote other tourist destinations like Moynamoti, Mahasthangarh etc. to potential local and foreign tourists.
  • 24 / 7 dedicated call center to facilitate users’ travel related queries.
  • Users can join a community of travelers to share information amongst thousands of visitors directly promoting the hotels as well as the tourism industry in Bangladesh.
Future Integration

This unique platform will incorporate the online booking and online reservation facility in future, upon availability of online transaction facilities, which will drastically reduce processing time and increase number of visitors in the country.


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